Occasionally, a situation may arise which makes oral surgery necessary for your child. In some cases, children are born with extra teeth or experience unusual growth or infections in the mouth. Your child may also be injured while playing a sport or experience some kind of oral trauma. At OPDSF Pediatric, we provide pediatric oral surgery to help your child regain their oral health so that they can once again enjoy a healthy, happy smile. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Pang, Dr. Tami, Dr. Chen or Dr. Kishiyama and to learn more about pediatric oral surgery in San Francisco, California, please call our office today at 415-692-6670.

Our caring dentist and team are committed to meeting your child’s oral health needs. We are also aware that dental procedures can be scary and distressing for children and parents alike. When you bring your child to our office, we will keep their emotional needs in mind and do everything we can to help them feel secure and safe and to help them understand their treatment. We encourage children to ask us questions and provide reassurance throughout their procedure. We are committed to helping your child feel comfortable while maintaining high standards of safety and patient care.

One of the most common oral surgery procedures we perform are tooth extractions. Our dentist may recommend a tooth extraction for your child if their teeth are fractured or broken beyond repair, severely decayed, impacted (stuck and unable to erupt properly) or overcrowded.

When you bring your child to our office, we will make sure that both they and you are prepared for your child’s upcoming surgical procedure. We will go over the procedure with you so that you will know what will happen, and we will provide detailed pre- and post-operative instructions to help ensure that your child is prepared and will recover quickly.

OPDSF Pediatric has also adopted a “no needle” policy. If your child is anxious, fearful or needs to be sedated, we will provide them with nitrous oxide or another sedative option to help them relax and feel comfortable. We will monitor your child carefully to ensure their safety throughout their entire procedure.

For more information about pediatric oral surgery and to schedule your child’s consultation, please contact our office today!