Dear OPDSF Families,

After much deliberation, effective November 8, 2021, OPDSF decided to transition from being an in-network to an out-of-network provider of Delta Dental insurance. This was a difficult decision, as Dr. Pang had been a Delta Dental provider for over 30 years; in recent years, however, being a participating provider for Delta Dental has become significantly harder.

We have always maintained a high standard of care for our patients, and as such, we are not willing to compromise or cut corners because of limitations created by insurance companies.

You can absolutely remain as patients at OPDSF and utilize your Delta Dental insurance benefits. Kindly understand the following:

  • You will be responsible to pay for the treatment at the time of service. You will receive payment from Delta Dental at your out-of-network reimbursement level.
  • Your out-of-pocket expenses will depend on the type of Delta Dental insurance plan you are enrolled in.
  • We will take care of the necessary paperwork and process your insurance claims on your behalf.
  • If treatment is recommended and upon your request, we can provide an insurance benefit estimate prior to your appointment.
  • Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to contact our team at OPDSF if you have any questions.

With warmest regards,

Drs. Pang, Chen, Mo and the OPDSF team