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What to Do When the First Tooth Erupts for Your Child
Posted on 2/17/2018 by OPDSF Office
It is exciting when your child gets their first tooth and like any good parent, you want to make sure that they get the best care. This means being able to show them the proper oral hygiene that needs to be done, as well as taking them for their first dental visit. Children as young as one can go to see the dentist when they have their first teeth in their mouths. The Best Dental Practices for Toddlers It is always good to practice great oral hygiene from a young age, even before the child has teeth. A soft finger brush can be used to brush across the gums and around the mouth and on the tongue. This makes the child more comfortable with oral brushing when they do end up having teeth. When they get their first teeth, it is important to practice the same oral hygiene practices. Being able to practice the best oral hygiene practices for your little one can ensure that they're using the right practices as they become older. Oral Checkups with a Pediatric Dentist Once the tooth comes through and you continue to do the brushing, it is important to make sure that you bring them for their first dental check up. Not only will the dentist look in their mouth and view their teeth, but they can clean them and make sure that everything looks good. This is always a good thing to think about when it comes to cleaning the teeth and getting all the information that is needed on them. Speak with us here when considering where to bring your little one for their first checkup. Using a pediatric dentist is always recommended and we can provide the necessary dental care that your little one is in need of. Speak with us today to learn more or to schedule their appointment....

Would Sedation Dentistry Help You See the Dentist More Often?
Posted on 1/30/2018 by OPDSF Office
If fear is stopping you from seeing the dentist every six months like you should, then you may want to consider the benefits of sedation dentistry. It allows you to be calm and relaxed during the procedures, and you can pick how sedated you become. There are levels that simply take the edge off your anxiety, all the way through being basically asleep while the work is done. If you got to sleep through what they were doing, would your mouth be healthier? Getting Your Oral Health Back through Sedation Dentistry When you have gone a long time between dental visits, then you are likely going to need some work done when you finally go back. You may have issues with the health of your gums, and you more than likely have some cavities that need to be filled. You may even need more work done than that. Getting a sedative can help make the worry and anxiety about that work a thing of the past. You can have a little laughing gas to help lower your anxiety. You can take a pill that helps you calm down. There are IV sedation options that keep you conscious, but unaware of what is going on, and leave you with very little memory of the entire procedure. Plus, you can also have a full sedation, which allows you to be asleep while the dentist gets the work done. When you are not anxious, then your dentist can work more smoothly and quickly than if you were nervously fidgeting around in their chair. Consider the benefits of getting your mouth as healthy as possible, and doing it in a way that allows you to feel comfortable.Contact our officeand see if they offer sedation dentistry as one of your options....

Flossing Picks Should Be Avoided on Children's Teeth
Posted on 1/20/2018 by OPDSF Office
Flossing picks have long been praised for their convenience and ability to reach places easier than regular floss wrapped around your fingers. They are also great to take on the go. But while floss picks are a great idea for adults, they should be avoided on your child's teeth. Inability to Clean Properly When you use regular floss, you typically pull out about 18 inches and wind it around your fingers. After each tooth, you are able to adjust the floss so that you have a clean section to work with each time. Floss picks, on the other hand, have just the small amount of pre-threaded floss between the two prongs. This means that each time you switch to a different tooth, you are transferring food particles and bacteria. Children tend to be more prone to cavities than adults, and this can potentially create more a problem than it solves. And because the floss is fixed between two plastic prongs, it is not nearly as flexible as regular floss. You can't properly wrap it around the edges of each tooth to effectively remove all plaque and bacteria. Floss picks also lack the ability to go as far below the gums as is needed to remove debris. Not Designed for Kids Kids naturally have smaller mouths. Floss picks were designed to fit an adult's mouth, not a child's. This means that floss picks are too big for children to use, making it more difficult for kids to maneuver the floss pick in their mouth. Because of this, they can't effectively reach and remove food particles, plaque and bacteria from in between each of their teeth. Too Rough The fixed section of floss is strung tight between the prongs. It cannot be loosened to be gently worked between each tooth. For this reason, floss picks tend to snap against the delicate gum tissue, causing damage to children's gums. If the gums are harmed, bacteria can actually get under the tissue and cause an infection. Snapping can also cause pain, which will most likely put children off flossing. Flossing is an important part of proper oral hygiene. Start your child early by using string floss and help them to learn proper technique, setting them up with the tools for a healthy mouth in adulthood. Please contact usif you have any questions about your oral health....
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