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Will retainers work for my child?

Most orthodontic issues are simply too severe to be solved completely with retainers. Of course, everyone likes the idea of retainers because they are removable, but therein lies the problem with retainer only treatment. Because retainers are only worn during a portion of the day, it means that they aren't in the mouth for long enough periods of time to actually move and straighten teeth. Occasionally, minor orthodontic issues can be solved with the use of retainers, but these cases are the exception and not the rule. After a thorough examination, we will be able to recommend the best course of treatment for your child—including options like traditional or cosmetic braces, removable clear tray options, or even retainers.

Are braces really necessary?

We can advise you regarding the best treatment of your child's oral issues. After a complete exam, we will recommend the customized options that will be the most beneficial to your child's smile. Keep in mind that traditional braces have come a long way since their first use, and today's braces are much more effective and aesthetically pleasing than their days-gone-by counterparts.

We offer traditional styles in clear or silver brackets and there are many colorful, easily personalized embellishments. There are also treatment options that are on the inside of the teeth, though they tend to be less comfortable. Always remember that whatever our office recommends based on your child's treatment needs, the goal is their bright, healthy, and attractive new smile!
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