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How Your Kids May Benefit From a New Toothpaste Flavor

Posted on 11/30/2017 by OPDSF Office
Toothpaste Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry - OPDSF CA 94116
It is the responsibility of every parent to get their kids to develop good dental hygiene, the first step of which is brushing on a regular basis.

However, very young kids are not always too eager to brush their teeth no matter how much mom and dad try to explain the horrors of tooth decay and the harrowing pain that comes with it.

Therefore, you must definitely go out of your way and think of more creative ways to get your little ones to develop the good habit of brushing at least 30 minutes after every meal.

For instance, try buying them a toothbrush shaped as or printed with their favorite superhero, princess or cartoon character. Another tip is choosing toothpaste of their favorite flavor.

Find Out What Flavor Your Kid Wants

The tiring task of patiently and repetitively reminding your kids to brush can significantly be put into moderation simply by tapping into their personal preferences and favorites.

For example, if your child shows little to no interest in brushing even when you have bought him an exciting toothbrush, the flavor of his toothpaste may be to blame.

There are a variety of new and exciting toothpaste flavors to choose from, such as cupcake, bubble gum, cotton candy and various fruits. Try buying just a small tube every time you go grocery shopping until you finally find the right one.

The Right Toothpaste Flavor Has Multiple Benefits

Making this apparently small but significant tweak in the toothpaste flavor of your child has a positive domino effect on his overall health, comfort and happiness.

By going out of your way to find out which flavor your kid feels most comfortable with brushing, he will develop the initiative to brush more often and brush longer. In other words, brushing becomes enjoyable and not just a mere monotonous task.

Whether your kids have dental issues or not, please come visit us regularly to maintain that healthy and confident smile, free from the pain and suffering associated with poor dental hygiene.

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