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Choosing the Right Snacks for your Child this Summer

Posted on 8/15/2017 by OPDSF Office
Tips on summer snacks from Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry - OPDSF in CA
Summer snacks can seem like an ongoing battle throughout the summer. Whether you are planning a family picnic, heading to the beach for the day, going to your child’s soccer game, or just sitting at home, food is a main focus for kids throughout the summer. Before you let your child snack on the wrong foods, putting their oral health at risk, consider the following healthy snacks that will keep kids smiling, not only because they are happy, but because their teeth are healthy too.


Fruit might seem like a boring snack when you offer it, but if you make it fun, kids will be more willing to get excited about it. There are many ways to make fruit fun, here are just a few ideas:

•  Cut it into fun shapes using cookie cutters
•  Make fruit kabobs (kids love anything on a stick!)
•  Make animals out of it (ex: grape snakes)
•  Make fruit flowers
•  Make fruit sandwiches with sliced apples and peanut butter


Yogurt might not be the snack your child is looking for, but if you make it into a delicious smoothie, their mind will quickly change! Yogurt smoothies are very versatile, giving you many ways to customize it to your child’s preferences. Try blending yogurt, a little milk, and their favorite fruits in the blender. If it needs a little sweetener, use a little bit of honey, but typically the fruit provides enough sweetness. You can play around with different flavors until you find one your child likes. Not only is this snack delicious, but it will help to cool them down too.


Most kids love cheese, and it is good for their teeth so serve it up! You can serve the cheese alongside fruit for a little variety or serve it on its own. Cheddar and Swiss carry the highest benefit, but any cheese will do the trick as the calcium and phosphorous do the hard work making their teeth strong and healthy. Try to avoid serving the cheese with crackers as the carbohydrates in crackers will turn into acids in your child’s mouth, much the same as sugar does, putting them at risk for tooth decay.


You might not expect popsicles to be on the list of healthy dental treats for the summer, but every kid needs to cool down! It is the type of popsicles that you serve that matter. Store bought, sugar laden popsicles are not the right choice, but if you make your own, you could manage the ingredients that go into them and prevent excessive sugar from being consumed. Using yogurt, fruit and a little milk, you can make just about any combination, freeze it in Popsicle molds and give your child a health, yet cooling snack for them to enjoy this summer.


Whatever you feed your child, do not forget the water this summer! Try to encourage your child to drink as much water as possible every day, especially after eating. This not only helps to keep them hydrated, preventing them from feeling weak, but it also helps to keep their teeth strong by washing away food debris, plaque, and bacteria. Try to steer your child away from the fruit juices, focusing their efforts to stay hydrated on water alone.

It is not an easy task to keep hungry children fed all summer long, but if you have plenty of healthy choices around your home and eliminate the less healthy choices, it will soon become natural for them to want to care for their body and teeth with healthy food choices.

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