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What Could Happen If Your Child Swallowed Too Much Toothpaste?

Posted on 5/20/2017 by OPDSF Office
A child brushing his teeth with too much toothpaste.
Is toothpaste overdose a real concern? For most people, no, but in the case of children, there is something to fear.

It would take a lot of toothpaste to cause an issue for nearly all children, but if you find that your child has gotten a whole tube of toothpaste down in your absence, you may want to see your child's doctor or dentist to make sure they are going to be alright.

The Dangers of Too Much Toothpaste

For the most part, swallowing toothpaste is going to do little more than upsetting the stomach of your child. However, if you are giving your child a toothpaste that has been enhanced with extra fluoride, this is when you need to worry.

Fluoride is incredibly important for healthy teeth. It keeps them from getting as much decay, and it can keep them strong, even when dental habits are not the best.

However, fluoride is something that you can get too much of. Typically, a bit of swallowed toothpaste is only going to leave someone with a stomach ache or diarrhea. If you had a lot of toothpaste with extra fluoride, it could lead to problems with the heart, drooling that cannot be stopped or controlled, seizures, vomiting, weakness, trouble breathing, or worse symptoms.

You should never take eating a large quantity of toothpaste lightly. A normal sized amount is not going to hurt anyone unless they have a sensitivity to fluoride, in which case you wouldn't likely be using a fluoride-enhanced toothpaste. However, a large quantity needs to be monitored for further problems.

If your child tends to swallow all of their toothpaste, contact our office. He or she can help you express the problems with this habit in a child-friendly way so that your child learns to stop this habit on their own.

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